Meet our Founders

Donna and Tom Kelsey have been married for several years. After a tragic accident left Donna with debilitating injuries, Tom knew he had to do something. With medical bills and prescription drugs mounting, both Donna and Tom knew there had to be a better way. That is when the two discovered the power of aqua rehabilitiation therapy. Aqua therapy provided a means for Donna to accelerate her healing process and avoid a dependency to the highly addictive medications being prescribed to her. However, her injuries made it cumbersome and dangerous to climb into any bathtub or hot tub. Tom created the original Aqua Swivel Seat™ to aid his wife during her recovery. After the astonishing success of her rehabilitation Donna felt she had to bring the Aqua Swivel Seat™ to the public. Not long after she founded T & D Aqua Swivel LLC, dedicated to making aqua therapy safer and easier.

Aqua Swivel Seat founders